Subway Stewardesses Fight Fair Hike


In response to MTA fair hikes and a lack of improved services members of Boring Inc. have taken it upon themselves to become "MTA Service Specialists" and improve customer service on subways in New York.


Four women, members of Boring Inc., have taken it upon themselves to increase customer service on New York City subways. Dressed in matching uniforms complete with heels, pill box hats, and of course, a snack cart, this past Saturday, Kae Burke, Lauren Larken, Anya Sapozhnukova, and Kristine "Kiki" traveled around New York offering help, snacks, and smiles. "Commuters deserve helpful, courteous service with a smile while riding the erroneous MTA," says Kae Burke, the organizer of the MTA Service Specialists project. The performance is a response to the MTA's fair hikes. It has been more than a month since the fair hike and the MTA has yet to improve their overall service including extended evening hours and additional train routes. In addition to the protest, the MTA Service Specialists have set up a Yes Men-esque website, which can be found at www.mtaservice.org.